Muscle Fiber Methodology

Muscle Fiber Methodology (first edition) is primarily a textbook for massage therapists (example - LMT, CMT), who are pursuing training to learn new ways to manipulate mus- cles, to help themselves and their clients. This edition will try to illustrate the basic methods of Muscle Fiber Methodology used to manipulate the back, arms, glutes, legs and up- per body while protecting therapists at work. At the beginning of most chapters, a preview of the muscles to be manipulated will be listed, including their attachments and actions.



Optimal Muscle Fiber Manipulation


Muscle Fiber Methodology (MFM) is a unique combination of methods incorporating Muscle Fiber Manipulation and Client-Specific Exercises that allows clients to reach optimal Performance. The mission is to provide a practiced group of muscle fiber manipulating methods that creates a wellness-oriented personal care for everyone including busy professionals, athletes, gamers and soccer moms. These muscle fiber manipulating methods targets individual muscles, helps to correct, promotes healing and relaxes all the muscles in the body without pain. The methods help to promote the body’s ability to manage physical stress as well as enhancing the clients coping mechanisms to better regulate any potential or realized negative impact...

The Innovator

Andrew M. Frankson is the creator and copyright claimant of Muscle Fiber Methodology. This methodology utilizes a combination of muscle fiber manipulating methods, passive stretches and client-specific exercises that allows each client to reach hers or his optimal performance.

In 2007, Mr. Frankson recognized the need for a new approach to muscle manipulation and functional training to treat muscular problems. By focusing on the manipulation of the muscle fibers to achieve overall wellness, he designed and developed the systematic and effective techniques of Muscle Fiber Methodology. Muscle Fiber Methodology is effective to treat stress related muscular problems, rehabilitation of muscle imbalances and most importantly, prevention of muscle imbalances and stress related muscular problems...


As a 2007/ 2009 graduate of the Massage Therapy and Clinical Massage Therapy Programs, from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Mr. Frankson is licensed to practice massage in the states of Connecticut and New York. Andrew is a NCBTMB Board Approved Continuing Education Provider (#1804) and an AMTA member since 2007.

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LLAD was not designed to compete with other products already on the market. But, to assist products in the market that try to help us to prevent muscle imbalances, correct muscle imbalances, maintain healthy muscles and promote proper posture.


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Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about LLAD

Where will the device be assembled?
The devices will be assembled by Mid-Hudson Works located in Poughkeepsie NY. This company employs veterans and people with disabilities

How easy it is to adjust the boots to increase or decrease my stretch?

Each device will come with instructions on how to adjust the boots and the base to increase and/or decrease your stretch. All you need is a coin (any coin) to remove the nuts at the bottom of the device, lift the boots up and out of the base, place pin at the front of the boots in holes provided to to increase or decrease stretch and tighten nuts. Lift pin at top of base and pull both base apart to increase stretch. Replace pin to hold in place.

Can the base support any weight?

The base is 3 1/4 inch ABS plastic and will not break under any weight as long as it is placed flat on the ground and used correctly.

What will be the color of the device?

The color of the device will be light blue. In the future, we will be able to sell in other colors, for example - the colors of the American flag.

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